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            E-mail: kennyway@gzkennyway.com

            About Us

            Contact Information

            Guangzhou Kennyway Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd.
            Address: No.10-108 Shibei Avenue Huijiang Section, Dashi, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China 
            Zip Code: 511430 
            Tel: 0086-20-34796825, 84781824
            E-mail: kennyway@gzkennyway.com 
            Mobile Phone: 13926154387 (Mrs.Lucy)

            Company Profile

            Established in 1994, Guangzhou Kennyway Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kennyway") is engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of non-standard food processing machinery based on its technical advantages and in a manner oriented toward the current market. Kennyway planned to develop manufacturing facilities for noodle products in its early days, however, in view of overproduction of flour noodle products due to market changes, the Company quickly turned to the development of manufacturing facilities for rice noodle products, despite the greater technical difficulties. Through development over a decade or so, Kennyway has become a well-known supplier of manufacturing facilities for rice noodles and starch vermicelli, both at home and abroad, enjoying a very high market share as well as good brand recognition among its domestic and foreign counterparts. Starting as a small business of non-standard food processing machinery with only around 100 employees, Kennyway has gradually strengthened itself through competition to become a leader in the same line, mainly thanks to its compliance with objective market rules and its technical advantages in non-standard designs. 
              I. Developing new product according to market demand 

            At first Kennyway primarily produced the facilities for wave-shaped rice noodles, but soon turned to the design and development of the next-generation of production lines in view of the rapidly developing market toward instant rice flat noodle in some Asian countries. At that time, Vietnam Food Industries Company, the largest instant noodle manufacturer in Southeast Asia, introduced seven production lines from Kennyway to become the top manufacturer in the world of instant rice flat noodle, with its products mainly sold to Europe and the USA. In view of the fact that many foreign companies consequently placed orders for larger and more advanced production lines, Kennyway tried to "think out of the box" in terms of the manufacturing processes, ultimately developing successful pilot production lines with large capacities and advanced technologies for the first time, this process utilises the advanced low-temperature continuous aging process and employs Teflon conveyor belts. Since that time, the productions lines have seen continuous orders from the Japanese ACECOOK Company, Thai KENMIN Company and Thai President Rice Products PCL. Through the success of this equipment they have grown to become internationally well-known manufacturing facilities for instant rice flat noodle. 


            Managers and technical staff analyzing and studying improvements of machines

            At the end of the last century, Sichuan Guangyou Company asked Kennyway to provide manufacturing techniques and facilities to produce instant sweet potato vermicelli which could be prepared with boiled water in the same manner as instant noodles. With the key equipment provided by Kennyway, Guangyou soon succeeded in producing such vermicelli and enjoyed success in the market. Many other manufacturers in Sichuan Province also ordered the production line facilities, which became the highlight of the vermicelli processing equipment market. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Kennyway designed and developed a more advanced production line for instant sweet potato vermicelli at the request of the Baijia Food Company. By adopting the advanced process of continuous freezing, Kennyway developed progressive production methods throughout the production line and also made significant improvements in the facilities in terms of mechanical and automatic operation, altogether making a significant breakthrough in the production of instant sweet potato vermicelli. Since this type of production line can also be used for instant potato vermicelli. Now, Kennyway holds the leading position and enjoys the majority market share in terms of manufacturing facilities for potatoe and sweet potatoe instant vermicelli. 
            Friction cooked rice noodles (with the commercial name of "crossing-bridge rice noodles") became popular at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Based on that market information, Kennyway conducted investigation and research and ultimately successfully developed a full set of production facilities that demonstrated great advantages in production. Consequently, Shenzhen Xiuhe Food Company and Chencun Chunxiao Food Company have purchased a large number of production line facilities for "crossing-bridge" rice noodles. To achieve the transformation into continuous production from the previous intermittent production methods employing a low mechanical level, Kennyway brought into play the advantages of non-standard mechanical designs and became the first to successfully develop large production lines for such progressive production work that saves considerable manual labor time and features stable product quality. The new production lines have been ordered in great quantities by large businesses including Daohuaxiang Food Company, Synear Food Company and Baixiang Food Company, as well as such renowned enterprises in the foodstuff sector such as Want Want Group in the last two years. Kennyway has become the sole manufacturer of this type of new production line, which has become a shining example of success in the R&D of production equipment in accordance with market demands. 
            In view of the poor performance of non-fried instant noodles in terms of rehydration, degree of cooking and taste, Kennyway has developed technologies of rapid gasification and desiccation in recent years. As a result, the Company has not only broken through this major technical barrier, but it also has gained an invention patent for it, thus making a major contribution to the development of the non-fried instant noodles sector. 
            II. Operation condition and prospect 

            The major difficulty of a food machinery enterprise lies in the unstable production quantity requirements, with the amount of work orders varying widely over time. Fortunately, Kennyway has always enjoyed sufficient orders since its establishment and has never been affected by underproduction With its manufacturing facilities centred around products with recognized brands in the sector of rice noodles/starch vermicelli. Basically, with a production plant of around 4,000 square meters, Kennyway has a complete set of manufacturing facilities but no special high-tech processing equipment. In such conditions, Kennyway has become a leader in the same line mainly because of the following factors: 
              1. Precise positioning of the enterprise. 
              The rice noodles/starch vermicelli sector is developing, but with relatively small scales of overall operation and with limited demands for manufacturing facilities. In view of these conditions, Kennyway strives to become a more professional, stronger and better company instead of blindly expanding its business. 
              2. Strengthening the role of technical advantages
            Relying on the technical advantages of non-standard equipment designs, Kennyway customizes products in line with the end-user specific requirements. As a result, we can produce both large production lines and small items of individual equipment, to cater not only to the demands of millionaire investors but also to the requests of smaller investors with tens of thousands of yuan, which small orders cannot be fulfilled by a large equipment manufacturer. 


            Technical staffs discussing problems in the production workshop

              3.Development of foreign markets
              Kennyway has established a good reputation and fostered a sound base of repeat business by means of developing foreign markets pursuant to market rules. Building on its development experience over the past decade or so, Kennyway will enhance the scientific and technical elements of its products in the future, keeping a close eye on market changes and trying to satisfy changing market needs in order to make the business more market-oriented, more professional and eventually more prosperous.