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            E-mail: kennyway@gzkennyway.com

            About Us

            Contact Information

            Guangzhou Kennyway Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd.
            Address: No.10-108 Shibei Avenue Huijiang Section, Dashi, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China 
            Zip Code: 511430 
            Tel: 0086-20-34796825, 84781824
            E-mail: kennyway@gzkennyway.com 
            Mobile Phone: 13926154387 (Mrs.Lucy)


            Mr Cen Jun Jian is an excellent technical scholar & expert enjoined the special allowance of the state council of the P.R. of China, Served as the chief designer, successfully developed the world's largest die casting machine. 

            He was the editor in chief of the "New handbook of Non-standard Equipment Design", "New handbook of Non-standard Mechanical Design", and was awarded with titles of "The outstanding scientific & technology entrepreneur of Guangdong Province", "Advanced worker of China National Food Industry Association", "Award of outstanding Contribution of noodle industry ", "Labour model of Guangdong Province ". 

            He was devoted himself to the design of non-standard equipment & food processing machinery for more than fifty years and promoted the products of Kennyway to the leading position of the same line .

            Mr Cen Jun Jian, the technical leader of Guangzhou Kennyway Food Machinery Co., Ltd.. after graduated in 1955,he was assigned to a new large-scale machinery manufacturing enterprises engaged in non-standard equipment design, where successfully designed many innovative non-standard equipments, including foreign aid equipment and key equipment to solve production problems. In the 1960s, he was sent to Shanghai Machinery Research Institution by Five Machinery to participate the world's largest 4,000 tons of aluminum alloy die-casting machine design. He proposed a new innovative design different from the tradition one, which approved by die-casting industry experts in Science Museum in Shanghai, then he was appointed by the Ministry of five machines as the general designer for 4,000 tons die-casting machine.After nearly three years of hard work, the project was developed finally , it become one of the great achievements for 1968 Shanghai National Day tribute. In 1978,National Defense Industry Press required him to take the leading editor for about 400 million words of  "non-standard equipment design handbook", includes the fifth Design Institute and other units total of thirty people taking part in preparation. This is the first large-scale non-standard design tools for the book in our country , it’s warmly welcomed by vast readers after published, being the best-seller for National Defense Industry Press. In 2005, the defense industry press invited him to edit a nearly 2 million words of "non-standard machinical design handbook" based on his ten year’s working experience. In a word, Mr. Cen Junjian contributes a lot for the establishment and promotion for our country’s non-standard equipment design.


            He was the editor in chief of the “New handbook Of Non-standard Equipment Design” and “New handbook Of Non-standard Mechanical Design”

            In 1979, Mr. Cen jun Jian turned to Guangzhou food system to work on non-standard food mechanical design. In 1980, he designed the macaroni production line, which successfully solved the problem of short of macaroni in Guangzhou. At the same year, based on imported technology, he designed the non-fried wave noodle production line, meanwhile provided design drawings for other three machinery manufacturers in Guangzhou. Less than three years, he sold nearly 200 production lines to many provinces and cities, a new industry created.
            After setting up the Kennyway Food Machinery Co., ltd., Mr Cen Jun jian pay much more attention to the design of rice noodle, Vermicelli processing machinery. According to the market demands, developed a series of production line in instant flat rice noodle, instant rice noodle, GuoQiao rice noodle,sweet potato noodle, potato noodle, fresh rice noodle, wave rice noodle, staight rice noodle, fresh wet rice noodle and other new production lines. It is KR1A-30-type instant rice noodle production line that obtained Scientific achievements appraisal from the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association.In recent years, base on the condition of non-fried instant noodles immature production technology, poor product water-imbibition, ripe level and taste condition in domestic market,Kennyway developed the steaming process to replace the original compression process, suscessfully solved the complex problem of poor wate-imbibition. It was the key technology breakthrough of technology bottleneck, and been issued invention patent. Kennyway company now do research on developing the high temperature rapid gasify drying technology, another method to solve the problem of poor wate-imbibition, which will strongly promote the development of non- Fried instant noodles.
            Kennyway food machinery Co.,Ltd is an professional manufacturer in producing rice noodle and vermicelli processing machinery, a famous brand in domestic and abroad for its advanced technology and good quality .Kennyway has vast clients such as Wangwang, Baixiang, Sinian, Baijia,Jintianmai,Daohuaxiang etc in Domestic and Japan Acecook, Kenmin, President Rice Products co.ltd of Thailand,Vinfon of Vietnam,Indonesia Suba Corporation and TPS Corporation etc. abroad.


            Mr.Cen pays a lot of regards to everybody's talent during the development of new products.


            Mr Cen pays attention to every detail of product


            As the branch president of the Chinese rice products Association, Mr Cen made a report on the Seventh Chinese rice noodle & vermicelli industry development conference.

            • Certificate of executive director of Guangzhou industrial design promotion association
            • Certificate of Guangdong Province Outstanding Scientific and Technology Entrepreneurs
            • Certificate of the vice president of the first session of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association 
            • Certificate of labor model of Guangdong Province
            • Certificate of vice chairman of  Professinonal Committee of dried noodle and non-fried noodle of World Noodle Association Chinese Branch
            • Certificate of the second Chairman of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association of Rice products
            • Certificate of special government allowance issued by The State Council
            • Certificate of Guangzhou outstanding experts and scholars titles
            • Certificate of Award of outstanding Contribution for noodle industry